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Dr K.V. Ratnam is a graduate of National University of Singapore. After completing his National Service, he completed his internal medicine training and was awarded the MRCP (U.K) from London.

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After diagnosis using blood tests and skin test. Desensitization

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Hair Loss In Singapore

Some of us lose our hair naturally as we get older. However, there are some people in Singapore who experience partial or even total baldness before they even reach middle age. This happens mostly because of hormone or heredity issues.

Most hair loss patients are men and dermatologists have said that there may be several reasons for early hair loss:

Stress – Is such a strong emotional feeling that it can affect your entire body including nerves, skin, and even your scalp. That’s why many people are losing their hair. This can be often reversed by  consulting a good dermatologist who may advise in addition to medication, proper diet, exercise and adequate rest.

Disease or Infection – Patients suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or fungal infections of the scalp may also experience early hair loss.

Medication – Some cases of hair loss are due to medications either take internally or applied externally that can harm your scalp.

Hairstyle – Social reasons for hair loss can be things like tight pigtails or even corn rows, that can cause hair loss due to what is called traction alopecia. If avoided, the hair will grow back naturally.

Hormone Imbalance  – This type of hair loss is usually associated with an overactive or underactive thyroid glands or an androgen or estrogen that is out of balance. In most instances, simply addressing the hormone imbalance will rectify the problem.

Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore

Hair loss and baldness often result in loss of confidence or low self-esteem. There are many unproven  ways to treat their hair loss but to no avail. Our Dermatologist employs only tried and tested techniques  and the latest technology to reverse hair loss, such as laser hair treatment therapy.

Laser hair therapy is one of the most popular hair loss treatments in Singapore. It is a non-surgical cosmetic technique that has been tried and tested. It is safe and effective and is recommended by dermatologists the world over.

This treatment triggers the follicles using the low-level laser beams and helps to stimulate the production of red blood cells in the scalp to become active again for processing of new hair strands.

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