Hair Disorders

Hair Loss In Grown Hair

Dr. Ratnam’s clinic treats all sorts of hair disorders including those which result in hair loss or too little hair and those which are related to too much hair.

Since each type of hair loss may result from different reasons, an examination by a trained dermatologist is always recommended. At our clinic we will recommend only those treatments which are known to be both safe and effective.

Complete elimination of scant hair problems, or baldness, may not be always result in a 100% success, but we can almost always gain significant amounts of hair growth.

Excess body hair on the face or other areas of the body is not uncommon, but beyond being sometimes just unsightly, it can also sometimes be unhealthy. If you notice a dramatic change in body hair growth or hair growth in an unusual pattern, you should visit a dermatologist to determine if it could signal an underlying medical condition. There are a number of safe and effective treatment options for excess hair.

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